Recently my plans changed a lot and after thinking in circles, back and forth, I listened to my heart and did what I was craving to do for a long time. I bought a one way ticket to Asia and packed my bags, including a one year visa for Australia. So in the end of last year I left London, after having lived in this beautiful city for nearly 5 years. With memories full of precious moments that will stick with me forever.

I boarded a plane to Istanbul, flew to Hong Kong from there, for the past few weeks have traveled through China and am writing these lines from X'ian before heading to Beijing for Chinese New Year.
I have only been en route for about 4 weeks, but met such incredible and inspiring people on the way, both new and familiar ones that I got to catch up with, that my sketchbook is filled with notes and thoughts and ideas already. And I truly cannot wait to see what the next few month have to offer!

From beautiful Hong Kong, that has treated me so well: