ALL OF ME for Boys By Girls

Another story is out that I shot for the lovely ladies over at Boys by Girls. ALL OF ME was a fantastic day shooting alongside a wonderful team with model Ben Smallwood (Nevs) , Stylist Elvia Rietveld and Make Up Artist Margarida Marinho.

The Boys by Girls team found great words summarizing what we've been up to:

It’s 1968, London stands once again an adaptable incubator for the boom of a new style. No longer embracing the immaculately polished presence of ‘Swinging London’, the latest look pitches pairs of steel toe-capped boots and jeans cropped above the ankle, the Mod had arrived championing the little he had through a 'Rude-Boy' attire. This week, bringing it all back in bootfuls stylist Elvia Rietveld joined photographer Sophia Kahlenberg recapturing the days where the tough working class were the style icons.

Portraying the era where men were said to go without food to buy clothes, model Ben Smallwood at Nevs Models, fits the Mod mould, with a pallid complexion, stark cheekbones and a deep-set stare. In this story, Smallwood reminds us why the Modernist style exploded throughout London during the late 60s, so it’s no wonder why names such as Pretty Green, Topman and A.P.C have made their millions with his face promoting their product.

Her eye and lens on this Mod prize, Sophia captures the story of the British Rude-Boy’s day-to-day life where the image, the attire, the trend was all the Mod man had. Styled in pieces from, master of modernism, Christopher Shannon, to the minimalist perfection of Nudie Jeans this week’s trio of creatives, Sophia, Ben and Elvia hark back to tale far too fashion faithful to be forgotten by the 21st century.